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Berlin x The Local Artistry

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When one thinks of a city of talent, they might think of New York, Los Angeles, or San Francisco. However, Delano, CA native Berlin is making strides to make her town one of recognition. As a student, future physical anthropologist, and current model, 23-year-old Berlin proves that even a girl from a small town can make her mark as a person of influence.

thelocalartistry: How did your modeling career start?

berlin: "Three years ago I met someone (in the Kern [County] area)...he asked me if I would like to model...and run a test shoot in his studio. Well, I totally thought it was BS until I did some research and sure enough I found he was not joking. My first photoshoot was completely nerve wrecking. I did not know what to do, how to move, or even what to wear. I was so sure that it would be my last shoot, but since then I've been wrong. Very wrong."

thelocalartistry: How do you overcome the idea that only tall girls should model?

berlin: "Modeling is difficult and I mean that in the most inspiring way. These days, anything in this industry is slowly but surely changing and opening its doors to newer and unique talent. I swore I was going to quit because there was no room for a short model...but as soon as I started working in the Los Angeles-San Diego areas, I soon realized that talent could come in any shape and size. Being me: a former dancer and observer of Vogue, I completely used it to my advantage and found confidence in modeling because I understood myself and what I could do[;] what set me apart from other models, even the tall."

thelocalartistry: What projects have you worked on?

© Todd Powers

berlin: "So far I've worked on some projects including: Art gallery's and publications. I definitely feel like Pas de Berlin was my highest accomplishment and it has brought me to a bigger picture of what I want for myself in this business. Honestly, I've been modeling since 2013 and have worked with many people whom I'm so incredibly thankful for paving the way for my career."

thelocalartistry: What kind of modeling is your favorite?

© Todd Powers

berlin: "Oh, goodness! Asking which is my favorite is like asking which parent is the best. I love all the genres of modeling. I love Artistic[.] I feel exposed, [and] I feel vulnerable, but I feel like myself[.] It's safe to express myself freely whether I'm crying on set or if I'm dancing around. I love fashion/editorial because mixing and matching your outfit is an art in itself. I love lifestyle because it's challenging for me to go with my environment in front of the camera. I love it all."

thelocalartistry: Who inspires your modeling?

berlin: "I would definitely have to say my mom...She inspires my fashion. She inspires the kind of woman I want to be. Respectful, compassionate, and influential. That's what I would like to think I portray in the shots taken of me."

thelocalartistry: What do you like to do on the side besides modeling?

berlin: "Besides modeling, I'm kind of a boring person. Or at least I feel like some people would think. I love to read so much, it sparks a fire in my soul and it burns and it yearns for new knowledge[;] it feeds me. I love hiking, I love taking road trips to nowhere. I love going to museums! There's just too many things but those are my main ideal days."

thelocalartistry: If you didn't model, what else would you do?

berlin: "I probably just wouldn't model! I'm going to college full time and am on my way to gaining a biology and physical anthropology degree while in a pre-med program. So as you can see, I'm a very busy woman. My goal is to be an E.R. Physician and modeling was never the first career choice for me. It's great and it's fun[.] I do take it seriously but not enough to want to make it a full time career. I've always put my education first and I always will."

thelocalartistry: Any projects coming in the near future?

berlin: "At the moment I do have a project in the works, but as you all know, the best projects are the best secrets kept."

thelocalartistry: Any advice for ladies your age and younger?

berlin: "Oh boy, giving advice is a difficult one. Especially to the younger crowd or any crowd to be exact. I'd just have to say if you have a dream, go the farthest you can go. There's no limit to what you can do or the difference you can make in this world whether it's in the industry or out of it."

thelocalartistry: Social media?


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Berlin for our April Blog

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