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Reena Tolentino x The Local Artistry

Hey, Locals! It’s been a while since we’ve talked! Well, we’re making it up to you with this month’s blog interview!

Photo by Nigel Elliot

As we all know, Los Angeles is known for its bright lights, busy streets, and a city of many talents! Every time we see a film, we think of Hollywood no matter if it was filmed in a totally different state or country! We cannot deny that Los Angeles is the go-to city for any starting actor or actress. Reena Tolentino knows what life in Hollywood is like and engulfs every aspect of it as an actress, model, and singer. We got to speak to this multi-talented beauty and ask about her career, her personal life, and her new song “SHOPARAZZI”!

thelocalartistry: You do so much as an actress, model, and singer! How’d you even get started?

Reena: I started out doing McDonald’s and Snapple commercials as a kid. In TV, I started out with Married with Children and Clueless. In film, I started out doing extra work on Starship Troopers and the film Father’s Day with Robin Williams.

thelocalartistry: What a great start for someone at a young age! Perhaps that’s where the phrase “Cinema’s spunky Sweetheart” came from?

Photo by Joshua Shelton

Reena: The phrase, “Cinema’s Spunky Sweetheart” came from the response I get on set. They call me “spunky” and “bubbly”, but yet, I’m still your “Girl Next Door” who’s nice, down to earth and real. So, I guess I’m a sweetheart in that way.

thelocalartistry: Who do you look up to for inspiration in your career?

Reena: I admire and look up to so many people! Everyday heroes! Some I would name would be: Andy Warhol, Selma Hayek, Julianne Moore, Natalie Portman, Samuel L. Jackson, Clint Eastwood, and of course my mom.

thelocalartistry: You’ve been apart of mini projects and large projects such as “Blood of Redemption” with Dolph Lundgren. What do you do to get into character?

Reena: It’s a process becoming and portraying a given character. There’s homework you must do to make your character unique and not just a flat character. Some characters are closer to home than others. I welcome all characters because they each have a story to tell and I’m their vessel.

thelocalartistry: If you could recreate a film, which would it be?

Reena: It would be Charlie’s Angels. They made the film when I was too young to play the role of Alex Munday played by Lucy Liu.

thelocalartistry: Besides castings and photo shoots, what do you like to do in your free time?

Reena: I skate and paint!

thelocalartistry: You’ve also been working on your new song “SHOPARAZZI”; tell us more about it!

Reena: It’s about being in a shopping frenzy! Having fun while shopping with your posse; feeling good, looking fresh but also being yourself and comfortable with how you dress.

Photo by Sam Pietsch

Kids criticizing other kids in school about how they dress to seem “cool” is not cool- it’s a form of bullying. Embrace your style and so what if other people don’t dig it- they will later when it’s the new trend. Being comfortable in your skin is what matters. My producer and myself started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to make the music video for “SHOPARAZZI”. All my friends and family have supported me during this musical journey ride. Thanks to them it was a success and raised more than we asked for! They are the best! #TEAMSHOPARAZZI!!

thelocalartistry: So many girls and women are in competiition with each other, how do you deal with the “haters”?

Reena: I don’t understand why women are in competition with one another when we are all on the same team! All of us girls go through similar girl struggles. Why do we need to put down our own kind? We should be more empathetic with one another and raise each other up. I struggled with haters growing up, they were such bullies! Haters are just insecure of you- you could be doing something that they wish they could do, or have something they wish they had and they say or do mean things to you. Why? They are hurting so much inside. They are hurting so much they gotta show their hate. It makes me sad for them despite the mean things they do or say.

thelocalartistry: As a multi-talented Filipina, what do you hope to be the overall outcome for everything you do?

Reena: I hope to make a huge wave in all that I do. I hope there are more Filipino roles out there and not just a Filipino playing another ethnic race. Why can’t we just play the role of a Filipino person instead of playing another ethnicity? I hope my heritage will gain more exposure in American culture. It would also be cool to be an ambassador for the Philippines. I was awarded a Young Ambassador award last year from the Filipino Los Angeles Community. It would be great to assist on a Global scale.

thelocalartistry: Wow! You have so much underneath your belt! Is there anything that you’re currently working on?

Reena: I’m currently recording my second EP.

Photo by Sam Pietsch

Although, I still have yet to release my first one! Just know I have some more dope tracks coming your way to vibe to. I’m also filming more music videos for you to check out soon. With film, I have a one coming out in 2016! Can’t say much but it’s still in the works. I’ll also have an art show soon for a collection I’ve been working on since the end of last year. There’s a lot of exciting projects I’m working on that I can’t share with my supporters!

thelocalartistry: Quick Would you Rather?

1. Would you rather model or act?

2. Have brains or body?

Reena: Ooh this is fun!

1. I would rather act.

2. I’d rather…have both brains and body? I would say more brains because the brain is the coolest part of the body!

thelocalartistry: Advice for aspiring girls and boys?

Reena: My advice for the youth is to Never Give Up because doubts are our traitors. No one cares about the excuses you made for yourself they just care if you did it. And if you fail, there’s ALWAYS the next opportunity to do it again and do something different. There’s no such thing as failure unless you stop doing it. ALWAYS, ALWAYS DREAM BIG because the SKY IS NOT THE LIMIT.

thelocalartistry: Where can we find you?

Reena: I have my very own website:

I’m also on IMDB:

And I’m on Instagram reenatolentino

Reena Toelntino for our July Blog Interview

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