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Hillsvainkill x The Local Artistry

Hey, Locals! We’ve got another blog for you ready for the month of October. Halloween is near and you may rock out to the traditional holiday songs such as “Ghostbusters“, “Thriller”, and the all-time favorite “Monster Mash”! After reading about Delano band, Hillsvainkill, you might want to add them to your “Halloween Music” playlist!

The Local Artistry was graciously invited to check out Hillsvainkill’s performance during “First Friday” in downtown Bakersfield. We were expecting a band that always says that they’re “really good” but really aren’t. However, I was blown away by the talent that this band possessed! It was made even more known when the large crowd cheered and congratulated the band members after their show. All I thought was “Wow! So much hype for a band from the town of Delano!” I had to get to know more about them…

Photo by Flor Prado

Band Overview:Paris Frias (21)- Lead Vocalist/Guitarist; Jose Gallegos (19) - Lead Guitarist; Marlyn Frias (19) - Vocalist/Bass; Denmark Manalastas (18) - Drums

thelocalartistry: How long have you guys been a band?

hillsvainkill: “We became an official band in 2011″.

thelocalartistry: Wow. It’s been a while! What would you call your kind of music?

hillsvainkill: “Our sound is more along the lines of Indie, Psychedelic Rock”.

thelocalartistry: “Hillsvainkill” is such a different kind of name; how did the idea for the name come about?

hillsvainkill: "It was inspired by Wes Craven’s horror film ‘The Hills Have Eyes’. The name itself is based on the movie plot”.

thelocalartistry: How creative! What also stood out was that you have three boys and one girl in the band; was that on purpose?

hillsvainkill: "The variation of gender happened naturally. In this case, three guys and one girl happened to love playing music and united to form a band.”

thelocalartistry: You have performed live at places such as downtown for “First Friday”, what is it like to perform in front of people?

Photo by Rico Carizalles

hillsvainkill: "We really enjoy playing for people and giving them a show worth watching. We feel that music brings us together and it’s an escape from negativity that sometimes surrounds us”.

thelocalartistry: You guys also have a demo CD, what’s your favorite song off the track?

hillsvainkill: ”We really like ‘Sonora’. It’s always fun to play, and it gives off a really chill vibe; we also really enjoy our newer material”.

thelocalartistry: What artists do you look up to when it comes to creating your music?

hillsvainkill: ”We each have different influences that intertwine when creating our music such as Buddy Rich, John Bonhams, Tame Impala, John Frusciante, Cage The Elephant, Santana, Pink Floyd and The Mars Volta. That’s just a hand full but we have plenty of more”.

thelocalartistry: Who’s the jokester of the band and who’s the serious one?

Photo by Flor Prado

hillsvainkill: ”The jokester of the band would be Denmark our drummer and the serious one would probably be our vocalist Paris but we can all get serious at times”.

thelocalartistry: What advice would you give to a starting band that you wished you would have been given?

hillsvainkill: “A good piece of advice we can give that we’ve learned throughout the years as a band would be to stay consistent with your music, give it time, and just love it! Also, don’t let anyone take advantage or treat you different just because you’re an upcoming ‘local band’. We believe every artist deserves the same respect in the music world, whether you’re local or not”.

thelocalartistry: Any social media for us to follow you on?

hillsavinkill: You can find more info on our official website : We’re also on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter

Photo by Flor Prado

Hillsvainkill for our October interview blog.

All photos credited to photographer and Hillsvainkill Facebook profile

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