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Andrew Rodriguez x The Local Artistry

It's August. summer is almost over. However, in this summer alone, The Local Artistry has caught sight of some very talented artists! One of the many faces that caught our eye is 24-year-old, Andrew Rodriguez (a.k.a. 1st.apostle). This local photographer is making big moves; within less than a year, he has mastered the camera in ways that would take other new photographers multiple years to acquire! It has landed him collaborations with local clothing brands, fashion bloggers, and models . . .


The Local Artistry

How long have you been practicing photography?

A: I purchased my first camera in August of last year and actually set up my first shoot in the middle of December. So I've been taking portrait style photograph[s] [for] a little over half of a year and barely going on a year of actually being a "photographer".

Chaos Chytist

What was/is your motivation for practicing this craft?

A: [It's] a way to express myself and a way to possibly making a living. I originally purchased my camera in hopes of generating a second source of income that could eventually become my main source of income. It's a form of art; the best way to describe photography to me is capturing a moment in a time and being able to manipulate the mood of that image you just captured.

Your photography is definitely notable; for what reason may you believe that your work is easily recognizable?

A: My work may be recognized for its film like appearance. . . I would definitely say my photos are a bit different from some other local photographers[;] maybe it [is] the subjects I chose or my preferences on editing. I'm definitely still learning and have yet to reach where I would like to be with my photography.

Corey Dow

What are some of the challenges what you do?

A: The challenges I face are sometimes finding good subjects to shoot . . . that have some experience in modeling or posing. [Also], scouting locations, working with or against the weather, finding good lighting to shoot in and also good shade and shadows to shoot with. Most importantly, getting people to want to pay for your work and learning how to advertise yourself as a business.

What do you look for in a model that you are planning to shoot with?

A: When I'm looking for a model to shoot with I'm looking for someone that stands out a bit; [one] that is slightly different than everyone else in the crowd. I want to show off the youth and the sense of fashion that they are able project. I like a model who has done the fair share of research needed to model like I have done with my photography. It really makes for an awesome collaboration.

Can you give us a few names of the people you’ve worked with?

A: I've worked [with] several local clothing brands within Bakersfield such as SMPL DIVIN, The Rich Foundation, & most recently The Highest Culture. Most notable clothing brands that my photos have been featured on are AfterLife LA, HPNS & OMERIA's [instagram page]; all are clothing brands from LA that I've had the opportunity to shoot [with].

When clients book a shoot, what should they expect from you as their photographer?

Kiarre McGee

A: I think they should expect some very well thought out quality photos that look different in the best of ways; [in comparison] to any other photos they may have taken before shooting with me, I really try to capture a photo that you can look back on in disbelief.

What are your plans for the future?

A: I plan to be one of the best photographers in Bakersfield and I won’t stop shooting till I’m considered one of the best. I really enjoy this craft and I try to learn and grow with the craft I study in. I watch what other photographers are doing, where they are shooting and how they are posing the models they shoot; it is how I study since I've never taken a class in photography.

What are three things that we don’t know about you?

A: I'm 24 years old, I cook chicken, & I collect tattoos.

  • Manual mode or Automatic mode?

  • A: Manual mode. I like being able to manipulate the image myself, instead of letting the camera make adjustments.

Shoot in nature or shoot with architecture?

A: In all honesty I would probably choose architecture simply for the symmetry.

  • Post on Instagram or post on Facebook?

  • A: I post on Instagram mainly.

Andrew Rodriguez for our August Blog

Instagram: @1st.apostle

Currently lives Bakersfield, CA

The Local Artistry

The Local Artistry

Instagram: @thelocalartistry

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Tumblr: thelocalartistry


Bakersfield, CA

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