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The Local Artistry x First Friday

Long time, no blog! It's been a while since our last official blog post, but like they say "move in silence". So, The Local Artistry was given the opportunity to set up for First Friday a couple of weeks ago at local art gallery, Moderngigi. We were also fortunate to be surrounded by not only the artwork of Johnny Ramos, but also the creativity of Jeremy White and the ethereal vibes from musician, Crimson Skye. This mixture created a scene that is rare for 18th street considering First Friday mainly occurs on 19th street. In short, our first First Friday was a good one.

Make sure to comment down below if you were able to make it out that night!

Special thanks to Johnny Ramos for our location, to Wasp Nest Videos for their coverage of our event, and to Stephanie Romero for our new logo!

We'll see you guys next month for Second Saturday @ 900 18th st.

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