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Jeremy Bridgman x The Local Artistry

Hey, Locals! We've finally got another blog post for you! It's hard to find you hidden jewels! However, we were able to spot a gem this past February at Bakersfield's prominent coffee shop, Dagney's. Jeremy Bridgman, drummer of the band, Art and the Resistance, had his first ever book signing event for, Darci the Drummer Takes Drum Lessons.

Photo by Jeremy Bridgman

This children's book is great for parents to read to their children because it takes on gender roles in a perspective that we don't usually get to see. Can we also say, the illustration is amazing?!

The drummer turned author has been touring around to local schools for book readings, however, Jeremy allowed TLA's reporter, Elise Esquibel, to sit down and ask him some questions about his latest venture, his personal connection to the book, and why we should all march to the beat of our own drum.

The Local Artistry

The Local Artistry


*special thank you to Wasp Nest Videos for recording*

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