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Artist Watch: Discover why Bentley Gold's "Benjamin$" is TLA's Summertime MOOD !

What's up, Locals?! How's Summer '18 treating you? If your answer is somewhere around "It's too hot" and "Gas prices are too high to pick up my bff", you are definitely from Cali! Let's just say, we FEEL YOU! Well, it's about to get HOTTER, because we've discovered a new track that is HOT!!!

Bakersfield up and coming rap artist, Bentley Gold, dropped her latest music video, "Benjamin$", this past Saturday, and we are hooked! As her second song drop, her first being "Lil B*tch", you can make no mistake that she isn't up for messing around. With lyrics like "Can't get no features for free", "I'm in love with the money", and "Find you a b*tch who likes to win", it makes sense why this song would be called "Benjamin$".

Can we add that the film-like quality to the video makes us feel like we should all be archiving our WILD summer nights in film as well!

Check out this Summer fave, and let us know if you're feeling how we're feeling!


Youtube: Bentley Gold

Facebook: The Local Artistry

Instagram: @thelocalartistry

Youtube: The Local Artistry

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