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Artist Watch: Why Tay Yung and Rank Rated are keeping our Summer vibes going...

  Is it just us, or did you guys also notice a slight breeze in the air last week...for like an hour. Yup, fall's grand introduction was a complete fail to us Californians as we threw on a light jacket just to take it off after lunch. We also were changing our "Summer" playlists to "Halloween" in celebration of all things spooky. We were ready for this transition, but Tay Yung and Rank Rated  reeled us back into those warm days as they hit us with their  music video drop  for "Private Party" at the end of September. Pool parties, hot cars, hotter ladies, and unicorns had TLA entranced and wanting to be a part of it. With Paco Jesus on beats and Micheal Kumar as videographer, Tay Yung and Rank Rated were able to bless us with all things HOT! It may be a private party, but The Local Artistry's got the inside deets for you!


 Luckily, we got to ask Tay Yung (23, Phoenix, AZ) and Rank Rated (22, Oakland, CA)  about the collaborative process on this number that's giving us all the Cali feels:

   TLA: How did you and rank get together to work on the track?

Tay Yung: "Rank's like my brother. [He's been] my "day 1" since I touched down in Cali[fornia]. He brings sauce to every track I've ever heard from him, same as me. So the collaboration was mandatory." 

TLA: What was your favorite part about the collaboration on this track?

Rank Rated: "...the response that it's receiving and how it's finally making people pay attention to us and what we're working hard on. As well as the exposure of the other talent in the city. It's been a lot of love and we hope this inspires everyone to keep working."

 "It's a private party, love is not invited"...Click the play button to see what we mean...

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