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Artist Watch: A talk with J Spoolz on how he's got us "Fallin'" for his latest tra

Happy 2019, Locals! How's your year starting off? Some of you may have made resolutions that include going back to school after a long break, hitting the gym for your "JLo" summer bod, or even paying your phone bill on time every month. Whatever your goal may be, each one requires a form of inspo, and TLA's been hit with some recent bout of motivation!

Around this time a few months ago, Bakersfield rap artist, J Spoolz sent over an audio of his latest single, "Fallin'" to my email. I took a listen to it and instantly new that this song was gonna be a HIT! Not only was it a hit at the local level, but also on the mass level as the music video reached BET ! Yes, BET ! With songs like "Don't Confuse Me" and "Trouble" it's not a shocker the moves J Spoolz is making.

So, how does he do it? I got to ask Spoolz a few questions in regards to his latest drop and what he's got planned for the new year...


TLA: Congrats on your latest song and music video for "Fallin'"! Does this song stem from a personal experience?

JS: "I['ve] been through a lot of sh*t in my life,'s about what the beat is bringing up in that moment. Depending on where that beat takes me is kind of what I write about."

TLA: Can you go over the collaborative process that went into the making of music video?

JS: "One of my homies introduced me to [Chris Brand], and we kind of threw ideas back and forth...we were go[ing] to start and do it as an animation video, and we kind of took a turn from there...we decided we wan[t] to do more effects and try to play it like that".

TLA: How did it feel to be featured on BET Jams?

JS: "It felt great to be on BET Jams! I've been working a long time for this sh*t, and it's always just good to get your music on another avenue. This sh*t is life to me! It's something that I'm go[ing] to do probably for the rest of my life, regardless of what I'm doing or how I'm doing's just something that I enjoy doing."

TLA: Not only are you a rap artist, but you're also a music manager. How has that new creative venture been for you?

JS: "I probably wouldn't call myself a manager...I do consultations, because I like to try to help artists. I've been doing this for a long time, and not too many people ever reached out and tried to help me or point me in the right direction. With this music sh*t, it's just a constant struggle to try to find and gain ground in it. So, anybody who I see who I feel has potential and who really wants it...I try to help out."

TLA: What's on your 2019 agenda?

JS: "We're going to continue promoting "Fallin'"...lining up shows. We're supposed to be performing February 1st at Riley's...and then we're going to transition into the "Feelin Okay"; we already got word that BET wants to pick up "Feelin Okay" and do a world-premiere on that. So, I'm pretty excited about that too. Depending on what type of music that I create over the next few months, [it] will determine what we do in the second half of the year."

It may have been the smooth lyrics-or the hotel and nice car- that kept that beautiful babe on his arm...Either way, he's doing something right! Keep doing what you're doing, Spoolz!

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