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BTS of our Interview with Digital Artist, Keaton Punch

Season 1, Episode 5, what a fun one that was. Summer sun, cotton-mouth, getting kicked out of cul-de-sac by an angry homeowner...good times. On assumption, that's not what peaked your interest after watching our most recent video . It was the water-balloon fights, the slow-motion shots, and the smile on the dude answering the 15 questions we bombarded him with. It may also be the reason why you clicked on this blog post. In that case, were are delighted to present to you our behind-the-scenes visuals of the process.

Keaton Punch is a born and raised local who has made his mark in digital art. His abstract theme is what sets him apart from other photographers and videographers-seriously, check out his Instagram. His want to create an easy and fun time with clients is rare-seriously, ask our team. His overall friendly nature to those he meets and knows is endearing-seriously, ask anyone!

Instead of telling you, lets just show you...


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