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BTS of our Interview with Visual Artist, Jennifer WIlliams-Cordova

Hey, Locals! Long time, no read. We wrapped up season 1 this past July with digital artist, Keaton Punch and have been prepping for season 2. We can fortunately say that IT IS HERE! Yes, SEASON 2 IS HERE! Well, you probably already knew that; you probably already knew that the lovely and talented Jennifer Williams-Cordova graced us by being our season starter, also. Can we get a virtual woop-woop?!

Jennifer Williams-Cordova is a local artist that has been noted for her many attributions to the community. She is the illustrator for the "Indy, Oh Indy" series, co-partner of Willis & Williams Design, and head creator of the Rio mural. That's just a few. Did we forget to add that she is a mom?! Our question to her was essentially the Kanye West meme, "How"? She was so kind to let us in her space and and answer all of those questions

...and capture a few shots...


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