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A (Laser) Cut Above the Rest: How Britny Boos Tapped Into Her Creativity And Built Her Own Business

Being a mom can feel like a full-time job. Starting your own business on top of that? That takes being crafty. For Britny Boos, this came naturally as she started her own business, BNB Creative Co. creating laser cut designs, latte stencils, lettering, and more.

...follow your passions and what makes you happiest.

For Boos, her business is not a labor of love. More so, she focuses on finding that sweet spot in running her business and keeping her eye on the positive side of things. “If something I have made or offered as a service no longer serves me or brings me joy, I pivot and only create what currently brings me joy,” says Boos.

With Mothers Day on the horizon, let’s look at how a local mom found success in running her own business.

TLA: What first sparked the idea to start your own business? How long ago did you decide to turn your creativity into a business?
BB: I originally started my business offering hand lettering after I learned calligraphy to create my own signage for my wedding in 2015. I started sharing my projects and others had reached out to me to create for their weddings and homes and then it really took off! I started learning how to use my lettering on different mediums and surfaces and soon, with various machinery even. That all led me to my favorite machine - my laser. This new tool allowed me to really tap into my creativity and start making things for my home that I love and enjoy and now have the opportunity to share that with my followers, family, and friends.

TLA: As an entrepreneur, how do you manage to balance work and home life?
BB: I would say that I am far from having balance, but [I] work hard to be present with my family and my two sons. When I have the opportunity to create, I tap in and my husband really supports that and helps to provide me time to have that for myself.

TLA: Do you have any advice for mothers who are looking to start their own businesses?
BB: My biggest piece of advice would be to give yourself grace. Starting and owning a business is no easy feat, but it can be really rewarding. It's led me to create and have friendships with so many in our community and I would have never had them had I not started my business in the beginning, almost 5 years ago now. I'd also say to follow your passions and what makes you happiest. Starting a business that I've loved from the start really helps provide me a break in motherhood, rather than making it an extra task to add to my to-do list.

TLA: What was young Britny like growing up?
BB: For most of my life, I didn't identify as creative or [have] any particular talents. I have two older brothers, so much of my childhood was just following them around and watching them play sports, instruments, video games, and trying to plug myself into anything that they were up to. Looking back, I think this is where I started to really get interested in so many different hobbies and tried my hand at lots of things.

TLA: Are your own kids starting to show similar interests in creating?
BB: Not as of yet! I have two sons. One is 3 and the other just turned 6 months. Indy, my oldest, loves being outdoors and thrives in nature. So I look forward to continuing to nurture and encourage anything he is passionate about and seeing all that he creates in the future.

TLA: What does the future look like for your business? Any big plans that you can share?
BB: I'm not sure what I can say about the future, other than I hope for the opportunity to continue to create, have fun, and hopefully share in that with more people and expand my business. I do have an exciting opportunity for our stencils, but can't share at this time! You'll just have to keep following our journey to find out!

TLA: How can everyone wanting to follow on your journey stay up to date with BNB Creative Co.?
BB: I post most often on Instagram, so if you are on social media you can follow and keep up to date with me over there by following me @BNBCreative_Co as well as following my shop at or on Etsy!

Written by: Robin Jones

Photos courtesy of @joykamelphoto on Instagram

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