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BTS of our Interview with LuvSpun owner, Therese Dozier.

Hey, Locals! It's 2020! A new year to a new decade. Like us, you've probably already set your new year's intentions. We get it. Feeling guilty after all of the cakes and cookies that you indulged in for 3 months in a row? Bent on getting that summer body that you've promised yourself you'd get two summers ago? Told yourself that you wanted to save money, but you're making your third trip of the week to get that Vanilla Bean Frapp with Caramel Drizzle from Starbucks? Like we said, We Get It! We also get if you accidentally place an order on certain cotton candy site by the name of LuvSpun for the niece or nephew that you don't have.

Cotton candy is a fun confection that we usually only find at the fair. However, cotton candy has made it's way to different social affairs, such as, birthday parties, business gatherings, and music events. Luckily, LuvSpun owner, Therese Dozier, has made it accessible to the locals of Bakersfield, CA. Starting out as a marketer, Therese had the idea in mind to not only promote the businesses of others, but to use her knowledge to create and promote her own. With her daughter in mind, she brought LuvSpun to existence, and it's doing very well for itself. Wonder why all of the cotton candy is white? All of her cotton candy is organic, so you don't have to feel guilty for this SWEET purchase!

Get your taste buds tingling with these shots!

Photos: Victoria Garza

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