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Church Singer to Live Performer: Jehdiah Woodrow Reminds Us That There Is Still Soul in Bakersfield

What is one thing that both a performer and an angel have in common? PRESENCE. At least that's what you will feel when you meet Bakersfield singer, Jehdiah Woodrow.

Influenced by the melodies of his church choir and attending performing arts school in Hollywood, Woodrow knew that singing was the path for him. Now at the age of thirty-three, he's taking on the role of the lead singer of the local band, No Stringz Attached. With nods to Cee Lo Green and Prince, Woodrow brings the SOUL in


TLA: Where do your musical influences come from?

JW: Prince influences it a lot and the sounds of the 80s and 90s definitely play a part in my sound. [A]lso that sort of vintage 60s analog sound.

TLA: What’s the hardest part of your creative process?

JW: I think the hardest part of my creative process is narrowing my sound so I'm not all over the place. [There are] so many types of music I'd love to dip into [,] so having a solid direction for my sound can be difficult because I get inspired by all music.

TLA: What’s the most expensive piece of equipment that you’ve purchased for your music?

JW: [M]y music software[,] Fruity Loops [S]tudio[,] is what I make my music on.

TLA: In your experience, what separates a good performance from a great one?

JW: Knowing your audience and then giving them something they haven't seen. When you know what gets people excited[,] you know yourself as a performer can create something amazing.

TLA: What would you like to see more of in Bakersfield?

JW: I want to see more community and support in the music scene. [There is] so much talent and resources that can make something incredible. There's too much separation.

TLA: What is something that we don’t know about you?

JW: There is a new type of music I'm diving into but under a new name so please stay tuned for that!

TLA: How do you stay creative while working a 9 to 5?

JW: Listening to music a lot[,] honestly. [M]y mind is always running with ideas so thankfully I'm able to keep coming up with ideas.

TLA: What's your social?

JW: You can find me on Instagram under @itzjedtime

Written by: April Reed

Photography by: April Reed

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