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Do you remember those times in math class when the teacher would ask a question and you knew the answer to it, but you held back because your shyness told you that raising your hand was the equivalent to everyone-and I mean EVERYONE- staring at you? Good or bad, they would be STARING AT YOU! So you'd wait for the teacher to tell the class the answer (your answer), and accept that a silent win is a win within itself. May the INTROVERTS of the

world unite!

For 25-year-old Dusty Rose, she doesn't have to say much. Her bold hair and eccentric outfits talk for her. Can we also bring up that her SFX work kills on set (look up her Instagram)? Dusty shows us that even though us introverts are tough to crack, a rose can still grow...

TLA: What inspired you to get into the artistry of Special Effects?

DR: Well my mom and movies did[.] I love the way people make wounds look so real in movies.

TLA: When you’re collaborating on a shoot, what work goes into prep?

DR: Well[,] depending on the shoot, if they want prosthetics [,] I have to make sure that they are not allergic to what I’m using...then if they want something specific I will make the prosthetic beforehand.

TLA: You model, too! How does it feel to be able to play a role both in front and behind the camera?

DR: It’s fun. I like to do the modeling myself because then I know what pictures I want to get.

TLA: What does a typical day off look like for you?

DR: Well[,] school has started back up so an off day is either doing school homework, playing some video games or watching tv.

TLA: You definitely have an eccentric fashion style! What inspos do you pull from?

DR: I pull inspo from anything[.] I don’t have one set style. I can dress like a grandma or dress from the Victorian era[;] it really just all depends on my mood. I mostly see outfits on Instagram and I try to recreate them in my own way.

TLA: With the pandemic, what have you been doing to keep up your creativity?

DR: The pandemic has been hard but I am constantly always looking at new stuff for inspiration. I [am] currently sewing stuff and painting.

TLA: What would be a word of advice for those pursuing this artistry like you are?

DR: Words of advice would be to constantly look at inspiration and practice all the time. Especially with SFX there are many ways to do one thing.


Written by: April Reed

Photography by: April Reed

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